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Noun: A beautiful actress who is, or should be, required to show her gorgeous nude body in every film she's in.
Noun: Improving a movie by having a beautiful, sexy actress appear nude in it.
Verb: Agreeing that a hot, nude actress can make a bad film good.

Malin Akerman is a sexy, usually nude or seminude, actress known for her beautiful face and perfect body. She is pure sex.

"Malin Akerman's naked in that movie. Her ass is sweet. And the sky is blue. "
"What that sex comedy needed was some Malin Akerman. Butt naked of course."
"That movie sucked! At least they Malin Akerman'd it."
"I wish Malin Akerman would do porn! That's a film I would see!"

by yeeha March 28, 2009
Malin Akerman

A very ugly "actress".
The only reason people like her is because of her body.
Her face is shaped weird and she talks like she just got hit in the head with a 500-page textbook.
Malin Akerman puts Tara Reid to shame.
by Persephone~ November 30, 2009
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