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Captain of the Firefly Class Transport ship "Serenity" in the show "Firefly", that was cancelled after one season, mainly because the people at Fox don't recognise Joss Whedon's Genius.

Mal is a hard but fair captain and generally looks after all his crew, he's got a strange sense of humour but it totally awesome.
Played by actor Nathan Fillion, who is also totally boss.

Mal fought in the battle of Serenity Valley at the end of the war between the Browncoats and the Alliance. Unfortunately the Alliance won, but the Browncoats seem to form alot of the underground smuggling network within the show.

Mal is very loyal to his crew and his ideals, he won't betray someone.

Mal: Kaylee! What happened to the Engine room? Were there monkeys? Some terrible space monkeys maybe got loose?


Mal: You want to stab me in the back? Next time do it to my face.

Malcolm "Mal" Reynolds
by Everything's Shiny Captain April 21, 2009
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