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Mako Ruu is the alias of one of the oldest, and alledgedly one of the greatest Hackers on the internet since the 1990's Hacker "l337". Who, is responsible for that word, and the language respectively.
Mako Ruu is responsible for the 1999, and 2001 crashes of world renowned child pornography site "R@yGoldsHeaven". By sending an under trip link bomb that spread to other websites through the "link" section in the navigation source code.
After having been arrested for internet piracy, terrorism, and copyright infringement, Mako Ruu was released on probation under house detention, and supervised internet access.
However, after two months of supervised visits, he was released of all charges and disapeared from the internet eye for almost four years. Not much else is known about him, other than he lurks and dabbles in a few lost programs.. And that he hasn't hacked since he was arrested.
It seems as though after four years of absense, and a legendary disappearing act, everyone has moved on and forgotten his name.
Random screen name: Who are you supposed to be? O.o
MakoRuu: I will always be Mako Ruu.
by Mako like the Shark May 24, 2008

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