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A very good exuse for Diddy to get some slaves.
After watching making the band I had a craving for some cheesecake.
by Anonymous July 21, 2003

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A show on MTV that made me ashamed to be black.
After watching an episode of Making the Band 2, I had an overwhelming need to tell white people that black people do not ACT LIKE THAT.
by The Dez May 03, 2006
A show where P Diddy tells everyone to go to Queens and get him a sugar cookie or go to New Jersey to get him a golf club and take pictures of midgets holding ballons or to go to the Bronx to get breast milk from a Cambodian immigrant.
The five greatest rappers of all time. 1.Dylan
Dylan spits fire!!!!
by Ashy Larry March 25, 2004
a testament to p diddy's ignorance and small vocabulary
i watched the auditions for making the band 2 simply to laugh at p diddy's absurdity.
by miss muffin July 13, 2003
the most fucking retarded idea for show next to doggy fizzle televizzle
That show, making the band 2, sucks ass.
by Tron March 27, 2004
A show that features P. Diddy trying to form a hip-hop group. This show is the best out so far, but why once a week? What I hate about it is that you only get 3 minutes of the show and 10 minutes of commercials. C'mon MTV you can do better.
The best show out so far and continually getting better, but it never reaches a climax. I'm just waiting for it to come out on DVD or something.
by *Wonderboy Marvel* July 07, 2003
A way to show just how talented P DIDDY is .
He turned dust into a star infront of millions HE AIN'T NEVER SCARED!!!
by AENAHS September 16, 2003