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To make it dirty or more sexual during Sex or fourplay.
Dam son, dat bitch know how to make it nasty!
by Neavela January 01, 2012
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- To tell someone to tear shit up in a sporting event.
Pretty much telling someone good luck
You: Dad, I'm so nervous about this district championship.
Dad: Just make it nasty, son.
by TheRealTyga March 20, 2012
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make it nasty a motto for the reedsburg area highschool seniors of 2013.
i just made it nasty on that bitches stove, it got everywhere.

Did you just see that retarded ass fat man running around in lingerie? That's how you make it nasty

I just crawled into my friends bedroom like seal team six and cock blocked the shit out of him. That's how we make it nasty.

My friend, KY Jelly, climbed a tree trying to make it nasty. It was BAD ASS.

Did you hear? Gorilla Fingers had king kong sex with the Silverback in the back of KY Jelly's truck. He made it Nasty.

Orcah had sex with the fish market with his whiskey dick. He couldn't get the stank off his fingers for days.
by Chuckles is gayyyyy November 26, 2012
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