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it's when someone comes up an idea that any thinking person would've thought of him/her self a long time ago.
In 2000 Bruce graduated from college. He tried to find work in his field but he wasn't lucky. There was NOTHING out there. He went to a temp agency to find some work but there wasn't much of that around either.

Then 9/11 occured. People everywhere got into a witch hunt frenzy. Then came American Idol to distract the populous. The Iraq war reignited passions again. Then it bogged down into an urban guerilla war like in Somalia and it wasn't as much "fun" for some people. Last year was an election year and candidates and the TV boobs FINALLY recognized that the economy is in a sucky-ass shape and has been for a long time. Is that a major duh factor or what? Bruce wondered what took all these people so long to realize what he noticed 8 years before?
by I Saw U2 Live Twice April 15, 2009
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