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Someone who is in love with Eminem when he collaborates with Lil Wayne, and other mainstream rappers.

They love his new songs because they talk about dropping the world on peoples heads and not being afraid.

These people tend to lack the knowledge of what real music and or Eminem is now a days.
Mainstream Eminemer: Man, I love that song Not Afraid! Great song I'll listen to it for hours! I'M NOT AFRAID TO TAKE A STAND! So inspirational.

Stranger: Ever listen to Lose Yourself? That's even better, great song from back in the day man.

Mainstream Eminemer: WHAT THE HELL IS THAT? That music is so early 2000's. His new stuff is way better dude!

Stranger: All his stuff now is bullshit, go get The Slim Shady EP and listen to it, maybe that will change your mind.

Mainstream Eminemer: Whatever.
by Gettinitdownonfriday March 24, 2011
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