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n. 1. A mistake which one finds comedic

2. A mistake that one desires to make light of

3. A major screw-up

note: One does not "do" a mainfail, but "hoists" a mainfail. The word originates from the play, "A Christmas Carol" in which actors have been known to yell, "Hoist the mainfail!" when the line is actually "Hoist the mainsail!"
1. AAAAAAAAhahahahahaha! I can't believe we just did that! Hahahahaha! We should know better by now! Hahahahahaha! I guess we just "hoist the mainfail!" Hahahahahaha!

2. Wow. We just made a really stupid mistake. Talk about mainfail hoisting. Now, back to business...

3. You just ran over my dog, the mainfail hoister!
by cthretard1 April 12, 2009
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