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A stereotypical resident of Maine
Nick is such a Maine-o, he always wears his L.L. Bean fleece when we go to Red Lobster.
by Ted Norman August 26, 2005
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Someone who lives in Maine and is, well, a Maine hick through and through. There smart if they have a G.E.D., and for some strange reason, have not pronounced the letter "R" in 200+ years. and, to whoever did the previous definition of Maine-o, there is no Red Lobster in Maine. Red Lobster is frozen seafood, is horrible, and exists in 49 states. Maine is the only Red Lobser-less state in the union. Weathervane is MUCH MUCH better because it isnt frozen
I am a maine-o through and through
by Massabesic March 17, 2006
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