Maine's a great place compared to the rest of the country. You go to California, Arizona, Kentucky, any place in America and it's just people after people after people.
Maine is where refugees from other states come to live, unfortunately some of them bring their liberal ideas and try to ruin it for everyone.
Unlike other states, in Maine we don't drive like its the Daytona 500.
We have lots of drugs and alcohol, which is bad, but at least they don't spawn gangs like they would in New Jersey or some unfortunate state.
Maine's economy, compared to the rest of the nation, is like a 3rd world country's. But that's a good thing, it makes people from away not want to screw up our state with their greed.
We have good gun laws up here. If you want guns, come to Maine! You know your gun laws are good when Massachusetts complains about them not being strict enough.
Maine is a lot more conservative than people give it credit for. It's not really a blue state at all. We voted down gay marriage, have lenient gun laws, and have all Republic house, legislator, and governor. Living in Maine is almost like living in the south, just without the people.
If you don't want to get shot while walking home from the grocery store, move to Maine!
Actually, stay at home, because we don't want you here.
Maine is definitely better than the state you come from.
And Paul Lepage is the shit. If you don't like him you don't belong in Maine.
I don't really know what to write here.

Maine. Does that make the editor happy now?
by gunsandconservativeness August 04, 2011
Maine is a place where people (like me) are isolated from city life, but who cares. Although there aint much to do here (for ya flatlanders) all the high school kids come up with things to do, Because there isnt anything to do about 99.9% of maina's are either potheads or alcoholic's. But I have to say that because we have nothing else to do and were in a perfect temperate area. Maine has the best bud in the U.S. hands down. Ive been all across the U.S. and smoked it all. 40$ and eigth 50$ and eigth and it looks like oregano. 20,25$ and take to hits and ur gone. Maines got the best bud period. Any other stoners in Maine reading this you know what im talkin about, Right? Hey Maine might seem like shit sometimes when ur bored outta ur mind but its better then sittin in a apartment listening to someone getting shot next door. Plus whats any better then getting right F***ed up and goin to the festivals right? :-D
Man I just got some bud the other day from Maine, $100 an ounce an its dank as shit!
by Wiscassetbuoy July 20, 2008
Pretty cool place if you live in portland which, actully has some soft of a down town are in it. You can find plenty of thing to do and if you cant, there are a shit load of woods to blaze in. The cops are pretty big assholes though. The tourist are bitchasses, but fun to laugh. There is also a fair amount od nice coast line.
Shit the tourist are gone and there is nothing to do in Maine. Well i guess we better head into the woods and smoke a shit load
by JAsonB/ September 12, 2006
The best damn drinking University in the Eastern United States. The place where people come and leave saying things like: "Orono It'll getcha drunk" Or "Ociffer, I swear to drunk i'm not God. " Or you will fully know how to conjucate Stove: stove, stoven, has been stiven, stivied, all staved to hell. Ohrono!
Example of how drunk maine is: Maine Stein Song
Fill the steins to dear old Maine.
Shout till the rafters ring!
Stand and drink a toast once again!
Let every loyal Maine fan sing.
Drink to all the happy hours,
Drink to the careless days.
Drink to Maine, our Alma Mater,
The college of our hearts always.

To the trees, to the sky,
To the Spring in its glorious happiness;
To the youth, to the fire,
To the life that is moving and calling us!
To the Gods, to the Fates,
To the rulers of men and their destinies;
To the lips, to the eyes,
To the ones who will love us some day.

Oh, fill the steins to dear old Maine.
Shout till the rafters ring!
Stand and drink a toast once again!
Let every loyal Maine fan sing.
Then drink to all the happy hours,
Drink to the careless days.
Drink to Maine, our Alma Mater,
The college of our hearts always.
by Willy Beamen May 04, 2006
A place terrible for Teenagers to live unless they like hunting, fishing and boredom. Maine consists mostly of trees, moose lobster, creepy men and old people. Its called the Vacation state but probably should be called the retirement state. Because Maine is where old people go to die.
Want to come to Maine with me?
Not really, all they have up there are old people and moose.
by Samilton36963 March 01, 2011
The state in which I live in. We are, proudly:

1. Redneck
2. Hicks
3. Shot-gun-shooters
4. Addicted to taxes
5. White (well, 98% of us)
6. have a kick-ass accent
7. will shoot you
8. under-funded
9. awesome
We live in Maine. We are awesome. We are kick-ass. Wi will shoot you. we have lots of trees.
by h4x0r_w00t! November 27, 2004
A state with a small inhabitants that people like to call "Maniacs" with just over a million people that is largely popular when it comes to rural types of areas. The northern half is mostly forest (90% of the state) and is full of hillbillies and rednecks. I live here, but people are quite generous and friendly up here. Unfortunately if your black, gay, Asian, a Jew, Mexican, or anything thats not under the category of white Christians, you probably wont be accepted here (sorry!). You can pull off pretty much anything up here because nobody cares, and it is a very enjoyable state to live in due to the lack of law enforcement and the over-inhabitants of white people.
"I had a pretty kick-ass time in Maine the other day lynching some niggers and partying hard."
by Nacho888 October 22, 2009
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