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Largely considered the best European motocross machines of the 1970s and early '80s. Early Maicos were a lot like missiles: they went really fast, turned really well, then blew up. Many of the big names in motocross were Maico fans, including Gaylon Mosier and Bob Hannah, who rode for Kawasaki and Yamaha, respectively. Maico never had any money so all their good riders got sucked up by the Japanese, and they didn't have enough cash to bribe Dirtbike Magazine into giving them a good review like the POS Honda 125 always got. In 1981, the Maico 490 was so good that it still puts up a damn good fight against 21st century hardware. Sabotage from inside the company led to bankrupcy.
Maico Freak: Check it out, 1979 250 Magnum II.

Other Rider: Maico Breako? Fuck that shit, you'll probably crack a pipe before you get to the first turn.

*after race*

Other Rider: So, what year Maico was that, again?
by Eagle Driver November 03, 2008
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