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A beautiful girl who has an inner aura of an elephant. She's perfect in every way possible and dances like a hottie. It's hard to not fall in love with her bambi eyes. You can't even look away cause her eyes stare into your soul.
Taylor: Yo I accidentally looked at a Mahathi today
Bob: What happened?
Taylor: I can't get her eyes out of my head...
by Elephantsindahaus November 21, 2012
A Mahathi is usually a person who is adept at bullshitting others. Mahathis are known to have a weak sense of humour and faggot laughs. Their mere presence sometimes prompts the expression "What a faggot".

The word has an absurd etymology. It can be split up as either Ma Hathi (Ma= Mother, Hathi= Elephant) meaning Mother Elephant or as Maha thi (Maha= Great, Thi= Was) meaning was great i.e. the faggotness now overshadows the greatness.

Mahathis are known to be in sporadic relationships with partly bald men.

"Yuck, don't be so Mahathi"

p1: wazzzzzzzaaaaaaaaaa

p2: What a fucking Mahathi.

p3: hahahahhaahhahaha!

p2: I'm stuck in a room with two fucking Mahathis.
by Legend man. September 26, 2010
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