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A Warthog used in a game of Halo 2 long ago that for the duration of an entire Big Team Battle match on Coagulation was not destroyed nor were any of its passengers killed. The Warthog previously mentioned along with its passengers survived dozens of rocket, grenade, banshee bomb, and various other anti-armor attacks for no less than 35 minutes and three flag captures. To this date the feat has not been repeated. The driver of said Warthog took to singing Puff the Magic Warthog while enemies could be heard cursing it as it drove itself forever into the mythos of Halo 2.
"Hey this Warthog has been on fire since like 12 rockets ago!"
"Inorite? Thing must be magic or somethin."
"Lawls, lets go cap some flags since we're apparently invincible."
by zaxbysauce May 14, 2009
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