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A magical day of the week where its the worst day of the week, but you and your friends will try anything to have fun. This can include: "Paper Barrel Basketball", "Wheel Chair Races", "Chopstick Mosquito Frenzy", and even the dreaded game of "I-Spy.
Dude 1: Dude, what you want to do today? I'm so bored...
Dude 2: Broski Its a Magic Monday We can do anything today. Let's go challenge the fat guy next door to sumo Wrestle.
Dude 1: Let's do it, I totally forgot its a Magic Monday.
#terrible tuesday #hump day #the day before friday #rebecca black day #saturday!!!!!!!! #chillin' at church day
by TheKidNextDoor( . ) ( . ) January 13, 2012
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