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1. When you make your girl think you´re all in but there is still an inch out, and just before you pull the trigger, you push that resting piece to make her eyes go wide open, and know who's her daddy.

2. To lie to a girl, when you say you are only going to dip an inch in her, but you end up sinking the whole pecker in.

3. A technique that allows you to go 2.54cms deeper after you go all in (also called drillin').
1. Dude: Yo! I gave Kim the magic inch last night.

2. girl: Hey!, didn't you said you where only going to dip the tip?
dude: Come on, I told you it was only an inch. Sorry I forgot telling you it was the magic inch

3. I almost break my rod trying the magic inch, I'll never go deep dicking again.
by Cannon there-you-go January 26, 2008
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