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A Magic Dildo is a Dildo that fucks whatever you tell it to. How it works is you just say Magic Dildo and whatever you want it to fuck. Example: Magic Dildo my pussy. Now to make it stop whatever it is doing all you have to say is Magic Dildo back in your box.
A woman was using a Magic Dildo and forgot how to get it to stop fucking her. So she decided to go to the porn shop she got it from. On the way she had an orgasm due to the Magic Dildo and she nearly swerved off the road entirely. A Police Officer pulled her over and he asked her "How much have you had to drink?" And she said I haven't had anything to drink. This Magic Dildo is fucking me and I forgot how to make it stop. So the Police Officer said Magic Dildo my ass..... well you get the picture of what happend next.
by I don't know what it is. November 02, 2008
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When a man ejaculates onto the tip of his mother's dildo. His mother then uses the dildo to impregnate herself.
Djhon: MmmmHmmm......Get ready my sweet mama for a magic dildo....

Shayquan: Oh lord jesus......I am ready......
by 62609 August 11, 2014
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