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In the fictional world of online roleplay, Maggie Draken (now Magdaline Fong Wong), is a fiery redhead. 5'4" and full of fire. She has served in Kingdom of Goldenmyst, and co-founded Order of the Moon, giving were creatures of all sorts a place to call home. She is a druidess, midwife, and warrior. She became well known for her honeycakes, and has been known to knock a man flat with her kiss.

She married Kyo Fong Wong (formerly Ryu Fong Wong). During a twist of fate, Ryu left his Maggie. Only to return later taking on the name of the first destined child to show his love and loyalty.

Maggie has three step-children:



All from Kyo's first marriage.

She has two adopted children:


Both of them lost in the fall of Kingdom of Goldenmyst

She has given birth to three children with Kyo:

Kamaria Cora-Rei aka Kami
Dante Sora
and most recently
Baby Ryu

The stories of Kyo and Maggie, are being written into book form.
Maggie Draken makes the best honeycakes, and her kisses are deadly
by LadyStrange March 23, 2011

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