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A. someone who tells random/awkward stories at the most random times

B. A person who is very spontaneous and cannot contain what they want to express
A. <Sara and Julie are talking about stores>
Julie: the sky is so blue right now...
Julie: I just thought of it...
Sarah: You are such a mafoogling

B.the girl was acting like a mafoogling when she started telling everyone stories from when she was 2 years old

C. Hadas: "Today, i had a nose-bleed (i have a cold so im blowing my nose a lot) and i used a tampon to stop it...IT DIDNT WORK...GRRRRRRRR
............how would you react if someone told you that in persom??"

Mandy: "well if it was u i'd just be like...normal hadas"
by LayDas August 11, 2009