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A band with 5 members, emoish and kick ass.
I saw Mae today, in Boston, in the middle of the street, playing Tisbury Lane.
by Joe Bob March 05, 2005
Multisensory Aesthetic Experice, A band from Virginia with 5 members. They are emo-ish and very talented.
MAE is one of my favorite bands.
by Dayyum March 23, 2006
A large sexy jellyfish
Did you just see that Mae in the ocean?
by Qwertyuiopl February 15, 2013
Maes are outgoing and always being cheerful and happy. They make the best friends and keep them. Maes are also friendly and charismatic. They are friendly and smiling. Also a bit insecure but don't show it. Maes are really pretty and flirt without you knowing it. They don't care what other people's opinions about them. They are loyal and honest. Sometimes they are a bit clutzy and are hilarious. Great sense of humor. Also usually athletes. Very good ones.
Mae is perfect
by Tara dezbero July 10, 2013
a baby
Hae whats your naem? hae im mae!
by homeskielletbisquit November 01, 2011
An emo shit band used as an excuse to wear large black glasses that make you gay anyway. Real human beings would never listen to their shit.
I just listened to Mae and now i bought these cool glasses. Fuck me like the captain of the SS minnow.
by Merlin122 October 23, 2004