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A reference to a by-gone era when people took pride in their jobs, their communities, and their country. It was stamped on products signifying quality, well made, and durable. This all finished in the 1980's with Thatcher’s rampant capitalism.
1:"That black & white movie was fun - really funny in places"
2:"yeah, it says it was made in england"
1:"yeah, right!"

1)"wow, a 1937 Aston Martin still working. Thats made in england!"
2)"yea. my 2005 Aston Martin is in the scrap heap already"
by BigJonMX August 19, 2011

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Solid stuff, made to last. Where people put pride into what their making. If it's got a Made in England label on it, you can trust it more then a made in france or china label. Sturdy stuff.
by Jackiiboii May 08, 2014