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A very embarrassing, spirit crushing move used only by the epitome of Madden/Madden Arcade players in which you dodge an opponents player using only your joysticks.

This may cause the other player to ear rape you with constant profanity as you have made them fail so badly that they look like a fool with their pants on the ground.
"Hahaha! You have just been Madden Arcaded. How do you feel?"
"I feel like fucking you sideways with a pitchfork. That was bullshit and I bet you can't do it again."
by One pump chump March 06, 2010
1. An arcade game on Xbox 360 for 5 on 5 football. The game includes each team's 5 best players on both offense and defense and game changers that give advantages to either player at random. A 30 point score limit is in place to limit the amount of time each game goes on.

2. A maneuver in Madden Arcade in which a player dodges the opposing player without you using any sort of juke or spin command
1: "Yo son, you wanna play some Madden Arcade?"

2: "Did you see that!? I just Madden Arcaded him!"
by One pump chump March 05, 2010
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