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An outstanding tv show on AMC where people smoke, drink, and pretty much cheat on the regular. It was created by Matthew Weiner. It's currently airing its second season, as the first season was a booming success as it received best television drama by the Golden Globe's. Jon Hamm (Don Draper) also won best actor from the GG's. This show depicts the life of men and women in the early 60's, and the show is based on groups that work for "Sterling Cooper", an advertisement agency. It shows the flaws in people and what they'll do to cover them up.
Wow, MAD MEN is definitely the best show on tv right now...
by CJ from brooklyn September 11, 2008
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A term coined in the late 1950's to describe the advertising executives of Madison Avenue.

They coined it.
The world of Mad Men is brilliant
by Pete Campbell August 16, 2009
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