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The last Friday before Christmas.

Should Christmas perchance fall on a Saturday, then Mad Friday will fall precisely one week before Christmas Eve.

Urban tradition dictates that the erstwhile person will inbible copious amounts of alcohol and fornicate (preferably in pub / nightclub toilets).

Mad Friday has, by Leeds City Council, in a futile attempt to attain Political Correctness, been renamed Feel Good Friday.

Footnote: Also known as 'Black Friday' in the barbarian lands of Scotland.

1st person: If I may trouble you, Sir, may I kindly enquire as to whether you will be attending the organ recital this Friday before Chrstmas?
Rudeboy: What gwan there Gangsta? 'Tis Mad Friday! Me gonna be wi me Red Stripe and rassing some gyal in da toilets! Bumbaclaat!
by Leeds Dr Rudeboy November 21, 2010
The last Friday before Christmas. Everyone typically finishes work early, goes out and gets completely plastered. Roll on the 21st!
Keith: "You out tonight, mate?"
Mark: "Why would I be?"
Keith: "It's mad Friday!! Lets get, lets get, lets get fuckin' mental!"
by Sarahmuchhh December 13, 2007

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