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A Lambo (Lamborghini) that has been angered.
The most common way a Lambo gets angry is that its neighbor has just won a lottery, over 5 million dollars, and the next day, he drives home in a Porsche, Ferrari, Bugatti, Bentley, Rolls Royce, etc.
Last night, my good friend and neighbor, Geoff, knocked on my door and told me he had won the lottery, I asked him what he would spend it on, and he said "I wanted to buy a couple of nice cars." and then I asked him what kind of cars,
he said "An Enzo Ferrari, and a Porsche 911."
My Lamborghini Gallardo roared.
Geoff screamed, and ran back towards his house, and as he ran past the front of the Gallardo, it ran him over and I'm pretty sure it ate him.
by KavonIskaeon March 31, 2013
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