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Mad gear and missile kid is the alter ego of the new jersey rock/punk band my chemical romance. The band created a 3 track ep titled the mad gear and missile kid for the deluxe 2019 danger days box set thing and apparently it's what the killjoys in the music video for Na Na Na are listening to when they drive around shooting bad guys.
The tracks are titled 1) F.T.W.W.W 2) masted of ravenkroft and 3) black dragon fighting society

It reminds me of the sex pistols and you can't get it off iTunes
Some of the lyrics in mad gear and missile kid are

"Yeah I drink juice when I'm killing cause it's fucking delicious"-black dragon fighting society

"She said c'mon c'mon kiss my battery"-F.T.W.W.W

"(I’m drowning innocent wolves)
I’m dressin’ up like a cat"- mastas of ravenkroft
by xX_RIANNA_Xx September 17, 2011
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