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One who is afraid of using a Mac (Macintosh) computer or any other Apple Inc. product for no apparent reason.
That macophobic student still refuses to purchase an iPod.
by Jon Barr September 13, 2007
1. Pertaining to or suffering from Macophobia - the fear of everything Apple.
2. How one feels when they walk into a crowded Apple store filled with many Apple fans.
3. tending to induce Macophobia.
1. As he grew out of his preteens, Peter became more and more Macophobic.

2. "I want to check out the new iPod Touch, but fuck it, let's get out of here - so many Apple fans surrounding me is making me feel Macophobic."

3. A Macophobic section of Best Buy.
by idme@t October 12, 2007