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A mixed drink popular during summertime in northern Michigan and gaining popularity across the rest of the Midwest.

One part chilled vodka (50 proof preferred)
One part orange juice
One part hot inside filling of a lava lamp

Vodka is kept in freezer before pouring.
Orange juice is kept in refrigerator before pouring.
Lava lamp is kept plugged in before pouring.

Vodka is poured first, then orange juice, then finally lava lamp.

This drink gained popularity due to offering its drinker a rich, unique experience; if you drink one while on Mackinaw Island (in northern Lake Huron), you may get to take a ride in a helicopter!
"Gosh... lava lamps are fun to watch..."
"Ever have a Mackinac Island Stomach Pumper? They're fun to drink too! Great with vodka and orange juice!
by E. B. DeKalb July 11, 2011
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