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A snotty, unrealistic person that thinks his operating system (macintosh) is better than yours. Typically, mackeys are raised up thinking windows is a good operating system, then they get their hands on a mac and think their poop doesn't stink. They often make very homo-erotic statements about their desktop, webcams, and (or) virus invulnerability.

Synonyms: Homo, fago, poopo, dumb face, ass wipe, douche licker, poop smeller, mac fag, computer turd, turd turd, turd, turdey turd turd, and (or) poop turd.

Pronunciation: Mack-e
Example 1
Jake: Dudeeeeeeeeeee, my desktop is unbelievably organized!!!
Sean and Phil: Shut up you freakin mackey.

Example 2
Jake: Dude, macs have sweet webcams so you can take millions of faggish photos of yourself kissing the screen and using peace signs while puckering your lips!!!
Sean and Phil: Shut the fuck up you douche licking mackey.

Example 3
Jake: I like men and my anus is really loose from all the times I've thrusted my mac mouse up my anus. Also, macs don't get viruses.

Sean and Phil: God, that's such a mackey thing to say.
by Philliano July 25, 2010

A girl who is so sexy that everyone wants to mack on them.
"That girl was so yummy I just want to eat her!"
"Yeah, what a Mackey!"
by TotaldominationofUD June 16, 2013
a family man, one who is a pimp because he is such a sex feign. loves girls by the names of mary jane, and jill. always ready to party and yet still maintains a limo service. loves flashing lights while cruisin on sleepy hollow in a comf escalade with a fruit bowl from the northern lights with a side of dq
lets meet up with mackey and enjoy the routine
by molly naxera May 18, 2011
Amazingly beautiful girl that often doesn't realize how pretty she is. She usually gets all A+'s and is friends with everyone. She is so nice everyone loves her.
Oh I wish I could be like Mackey she has good friends and good grades! and all of the guys thinks she's cute
by Jealousofmackey April 01, 2009
someone who acts stupid but they still have big boobs.
damn that girl was a mackey! i dont care how dumb she is she has the most amazing body ever!
by titsanyomous. March 07, 2009
a super cool person, who is occasionally arogent, but is also very intelligent
that mackey keeps bragging about the a+ that they got.
by goatears March 23, 2009
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