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(1) A man who seeks out the least attractive female in any situation in the hope that he might score; (2) The married dude in your office that is always making plans with marginally good looking women and talking about it for weeks; (3) Buddy in a group of dudes that always takes on the anchor chick in a group of women to give his buddies a chance.
(1) "Adam wouldn't even talk to Shelly, who seemed to be into him. He went full Mackerel Trawler and took Abby home again. For fuck's sake, man."

(2) "Perkins went to lunch with Cindy again. Can you believe it?! What a fucking Mackerel Trawler. Now I'll have to hear about for fucking ever."

(3) "You see Kasley divert the Anchor's attention while I got her buddy's digits? Dude's all time."
by Jerome de Oaktown September 30, 2009

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