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To be so drunk you can't stand and or speak. Sometime you may be able speak in tongues, or say things like goo.
Did you see Leach last night. He was fucking Macked Out.
by Dr. Sullivan Suess November 24, 2008
drinking to the point of not being able to remember your actions, but still putting down game and waking up next to a fine piece of ass.
adam was so macked-out last night, he took TWO girls home!
by frostykewlguy December 10, 2009
When a girl is wearing large, men t-shirts that do not fit her, while going out in public or to a party.
Its Friday night and your at a party looking for that fine girl. Your friend comes up to you and points out the weird nasty girl. You ask who and he says the one (macked out).
by You bet I did July 13, 2010
Blinged to the max. Tricked out with the best money can buy.
We totally macked out that 'whatever', showing it taken a kitchen loaded with top-of-the-line appliances, PLUS some other cool stuff.
by sjbdtz February 01, 2005
wen u lick a girl out who is totaly fit
'yo that bitch would get macked out homeboi'
by BRAD September 08, 2004
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