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Probably one of the most bi-polar you will every meet. Can be one of the most awesome people on the planet one minute but piss him off and you will wish Armageddon came a day earlier. Especially when he gets drunk.

He's a often perceived as a flirt with the ladies and will probably take your woman off your hands. But ladies, if you are lucky enough to get selected he will work your socks off alllllllll niiiiiight.

It's probably why his other name is Magic.
Whoa, be careful of your girl, he might pull a Maciej.
by pan tadeusz December 02, 2009
Pronounced Mache with an accent on the e
Alternate Pronunciation Macho with the o pronounced as a hard e
Derived from Maciej Kleban who is a famous Male Model.
The word Maciej when used as an adjective means en vogue or in style. It can also mean trendy and " So in this Season"
"Did you see the new bag stacy got it's so maciej"
"I didn't know jack dressed so maciej"
by Daphnis June 08, 2006
a man who faps himself to sleep every night (see sean, james)
"that dude over there looks like a maciej"

"oh yeh lets get out of here"
"oh totally look sean is there too"
by zooN May 27, 2014
An action in which ones spill a white entity on their pants that resembles the male ejacolatory substance due to the fact that they were checking their cell phone and were not alert due to extreme exhaustion.
I can't believe I pulled a Maciej! I look like gizz boy.
by Edward Machay February 05, 2009
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