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1. A characteristic given to individuals who are kick-ass
2. Any individual who is so awesome that words cannot describe, Of which the greatest is Chuck Norris.
Antonyms: Buttcrack, Shart-Monster
*Note: Jude is not related to Judism.
Person 1: That guy is so Macho-Jude he kicked my ass just by looking at me.

Person 1: Ewww, that guy is so not Macho-Jude. He's more of a buttcrack.
by bumkinofdoom May 10, 2011
1. n. An individual of the homo sapiens species who has ass-kicking power. The greatest of them all is Chuck Norris.

Antonyms: Buttcrack
1. "Man, that guy is so Macho-Jude he kicks my ass by looking at me."
2. "Ewww, that guys isn't even close to Macho-Judism. He's more of a buttcrack"
by nole of terror May 06, 2011
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