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The putrid, rythimic production of successive farts, characterized my the rapid motion of machine guns, that produces overt, suffocating fumes that reflect those of dismembered, decomposing corpses and defecated, moldy genitalia.
(American Version)
Stacy's disturbing machine gun fart caused our couch to vibrate like a cheap, pleather, coin operated mall massage chair and produced, simoltaneously, the odor of rotting eggs and grandma Natzi's dirty, fungus infested feet.

(Bronx Version)
"Shit! that nastyass slutt be maching gunning ma crib. She smell like ma boi's used condoms. That bitch gonna get shot."

(Wife Beater Version)
"Yo white ho slutt! Dat bitch better stop gunning up da crib 'fore I slap her up."

(British Version)
"Yes dear?"
"Your machine gun fart is disturbing me, I dare say. I'm quite sorry, but you indeed hint of the fumes related to bare assed monkeys in heat."
"Oh dear me! I should have foregone the prune stuffed peppers and pepto bismol!"

(Bosnian Version)
"Evvo, Evooo!"
"Ma sta je Mile?"
"Ma smirdi mi na crepane macke i usrane gatce. Sta mi ovde prdis po caucu kao ratnik?"
"Jebem ti mater. Jebi ga, nije ni moje dupe rutavo! I ti bi putco puske da si kusno Jabukovacu!"
by Whitehoslutt6969 June 14, 2007
That fart that sputters on for a few seconds.
His friends hit the deck as he let out a long machine gun fart
by lordshanguar28 June 27, 2011
Loud, short, independent farts in rapid succession. fart, pass gas, poot, rip one, silent but deadly
My bunk mate must have had some bad tacos because he ripped machine gun farts all night long.
via giphy
by joecoolthefool May 06, 2016
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