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These are the people who have been using pcs there wholelife and therefore are mac retarded. can also be used to describe many asian people who don't know shit about macs and have never used one because they like crunching numbers which is only good on a pc which is also cheaper. therefore many asian people are mac retarded
In my computer arts class we use macbooks. The asian girl in my class has no idea.

Me: hey guys lets make a video on photo booth with the isight camera

Friend 1: okay thats a good idea

Weird asian girl sees us making a video

Weird asian girl: Hey how do i get the video?

Me: fuck off all u chinese people are mac retarded.

Weird Asian girl: whats photo booth? whats and isight? what's safari?

Fried 2: yup she's never used a mac before in her life.

by mac loverman September 20, 2008
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