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A. down to earth, friendly, and outgoing woman. Most are older but there are a couple of young ones. They think very different from most people & they are really creative.

B. name for a woman with class and morals
Dude1- You talking to Lasheeka
Dude2- Man please i'm talking to somebody way smarter & richer
Dude1 - You must be talking to a Mable

If you wanna get with Mable you better have something going for yourself.
by amablelover November 30, 2010
A sweet, bubbly girl who loves to dance and sing to music and isn't afraid to express her feelings. She can be difficult at times, but is usually caring, loveable and friendly.
Penelope: Hey, who's that girl dancing near the school entrance?
Bill: Oh, that's Mable.
by inknroses November 07, 2013
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