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an internet loser who has absolutely NO LIFE but to get dressed up for myspace pictures. Most of their pictures are professionally done and they look like something from a Transvestite Porno Magazine. Most likely has no real job and looks like a perverted child molester when not in full make-up. WARNING: DO NOT talk bad about these people because they have odd little awestruck fans that will KILL YOU.
Jefree Star; MikaDoll; Tila Tequila; Forbidden; a few Myspace Celebs and others...
by Emoniqua May 05, 2006
A person that is famous mostly or only because of being on Myspace. It's a phenomenon as perplexing as Paris Hilton's fame.
The most well known Myspace Celebs are Tom and Tila Tequila.
by AMAZING JENN June 06, 2006