A state of prolific euphoria caused by the hearing of an entrancing, provocative, or catchy piece of music
Hey, man, have you heard that new song by Lady GaGa??...total musigasm.
by TheLunaticNinja June 17, 2009
Top Definition
A feeling of heightened euphoria that comes when jammin incredible tunes.
The deep bass of Amanda Palmer's voice makes Sara musigasm. All over the floor.
by S Renee November 07, 2008
The feeling a person gets when the pleasure of finding new music, makes them feel like they are having an orgasm.

The feeling you get when you cannot just stop listening to music, you can't understand how the music cannot be that good, that feeling you get when you find new music and fall in love.
Guy 1: hey man pick up the phone
Guy 2: dude no I'm having a musigasm it's fuckin intense.
by JustCantDenyJCD July 01, 2014
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