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Acronym standing for Make-Up Caked, Open-Mouth-Gum-Chewing-Cool-Girls.
Stated by William Beckett (lead singer of The Academy Is...) on his blog, this is an acronym that can be used to describe all the girls who think they're amazing and "S0 HAWTT!11" but really aren't. Also see preps.
Gosh, I'm so sick and tired of all the MUCOMGCCGs around here.
by tragicalxo August 28, 2008
William Beckett's acronym for the Make-up Caked, Open-Mouth-Gum-Chewing Cool Girls in the movie 'Smart People'.
Ellen Page: What is it like being stupid?
MUCOMGCCG: It's like sitting alone at lunch everyday.
by Jordanhm. August 28, 2008
According to THE William Beckett, of The Academy Is..., it stands for the "Make-Up Caked, Open-Mouth-Gum-Chewing Cool Girl" that you went to school with... We all know who he is talking about. It was in refernece to the movie “Smart People” with Ellen Page in it.
direct quote from the movie:

Ellen Page: “What is it like being stupid?”

MUCOMGCCG: “It’s like sitting alone at lunch every day.”
by mellonz September 03, 2008
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