Sister channel to MTV, some slogan like Where the Musics at. When first started was true but now is gradually turning into just like MTV playing shows instead of music videos
MTV2 Sucks just like MTV

Bring back The Box you MTV ASS HOLES
by SpunCrazyB November 01, 2003
Sister channel to MTV that now sucks almost as much as MTV
MTV2 now shows "Diary", "Making The Video" and other crappy shows once only shown on MTV
by HATER April 26, 2003
In America: A so-called 'alternative' music channel.

In UK: Thanks to SkyDigital, one of the only truly alternative music channels devoted to rock and indie.
MTV2 is soo better in the UK
by Perks January 24, 2004
mtv finds new home for their foul programing for the brainless masses
mtv2 sucks
by me May 10, 2004
A once good music channel before they started playing so much hiphop and not music related crap.
What the fuck happened to MTV2?!?
by I forget January 10, 2004
In the UK it is an alternative music video channel i.e rock and indie. In Germany and central europe it is a 'pop' music video channel and in America it is mainly what is known in the UK as 'black' or 'urban' music.
MTV2 is bollocks in USA
by caloom May 24, 2006
Marketing Television Too!

MTV's brand for viewers with slightly higher IQs. Through filler and commercials, somehow manages to stretch appx. 5 hours worth of programming into a 24 hour period. With the ailing economy and with Viacom's financial losses, MTV Networks formats this way in order to save money.
I better hurry up and watch MTV2 now before they change the format to Newlyweds 24 hours a day.
by P.A. March 24, 2005

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