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Bullshit you can expect to here from todays youth. MTV is a whore and watever crappy musician pays the most to get on instantly becomes the next big thing with the retarded kids.
by therealfezmania August 01, 2005
MTV is the only thing we true music fans have left nowadays. Music however is being destroyed by 'posers' (A word I don't understand the meaning of but I like to use to insult people I don't like.) I was in a chatroom with my mate, Dave, talking about how wicked that new Chingy video was , yeah. Then this twat told us to get off the Classical music forum and go on the rap forum. I told that fucker straight
"Rap is classic and will always be remembered as the greatest music ever!"
He then asked if I have heard any other genres of music and I said
"No, I'm not a filthy gawth so I only listen to rap music."
He then said that if I was a true music fan I would look into all forms of music before making such a rash judgement, and get this, the cheeky twat even said that other forms of music exists outside of MTV. Of course I said
"If it isn't on MTV, it must be shit because no one likes it" and then he said that MTV was ruining music. MTV IS MUSIC. That is like saying Tony Blair is ruining England. Whoever this 'Jimi Hendrix' and this 'Pink Flyod' chap was, they both must have been shit rappers because I have never seen them on MTV. If you want music, please watch MTV. The rappers on their are creating art. Shit like Mozart only wanted the money so they just vomited out any old bollocks.
MTV is the greatest creation ever to ever be, ever.
by Real Gangsta in da House July 12, 2005
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