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a phrase that can be used to describe any institution whose names can be described with the letters "msu"; however, most specifically and most commonly used to describe Michigan State University, the largest educational institution with the name "msu" and one of the largest universities on earth

a terrible education, horrible weather, awful food, terrible faculty/teaching staff, bad location, and utterly ignorant and culturally and socially handicapped population dominate this unfortunate result of misuse of government educational funding.

having a gestapo parking code enforcement brigade also contributes to the overall misery index of Michigan State University aka MSU, as students, faculty, staff and visitors alike are constantly threatened by the spectre of going bankrupt thanks to draconian, orwellian and kafkaesque over-enforcement of petty parking ordinances.

MSU is also well known and documented for being the shining example of a campus that boasts a "diverse, ethnically and culturally mixed" population, that is however, segregated to a point of even making natural born U.S. citizens that are minorities feel as they are in the confederate south, de facto Jim Crow laws included. this segregation is a result of the ignorance of the small town hick students who dominate the bulk of the undergraduate population. these sad individuals, despite their fairly northern location in the united states, have taken it upon themselves to remind everyone of color that prejudice has a warm, loving home in the deep north of the continental usa.

MSU is also home to some fairly racist faculty, who boast of their ignorance and narrow mindedness openly. good luck if you're a minority who has the misfortune of having one of these miserable rednecks as a teacher for a hard class.

racism, de facto segregation, and overall ignorance are not the only social ills of MSU. alcoholism, drug abuse, violence, arson and an overall cultural malaise also hamper any sane minded individuals attempt at drawing an objective analysis and description of this miserable campus.

sheer admisnistrative disorganization also obliterates any ability for students to make a time efficient schedule:
students attending class in a certain academic building often find themselves having to walk over a mile in the snow to attend a co-requisite class in an absurdly placed location at the other end of campus.

mis-locating classes, complete lack of snow removal, and contempt by the administration for respect of the student body's time often result in a student walking several miles out of their way in the freezing cold of michigan and wasting several hours simply b/c whoever designed the course schedule simpy didnt bother to place similar classes together at similar locations and time frames.

the reasons why MSU sucks are infinite and its benefits are limited at best. what has been illustrated here in the above descriptions is not even a snowflake at the the tip of the iceberg; to fully list ALL the reasons why "msu sucks" would take more network space than urban dictionary is probably willing to devote to one simple definition.

As an alumni who holds 3 seperate and distinct degrees from MSU with close to a decade of on-campus experience, I can honestly say that I agree with anyone who says "MSU SUCKS"
"did you decide where to go to college?"

"anywhere but msu, because msu sucks"

"how was your msu experience?"

"it was hell froze over, literally"

"did you get to class on time?"

"how the hell could I? the sidewalks had a foot of snow and I had to walk a mile to get there"

"how was that professor?"

"worst one yet"

"are you coming to the store with me?"

"I can't afford it, the parking tickets are making me go bankrupt"
by sinisterhate666 August 12, 2009
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