A Mobile Sandwich-Making Device
Also known as a woman.Usually, a man's MSMD is his girlfriend, wife, mother, or a prostitute.

The role of a MSMD is to always have a sandwich prepared for the man during all times of the day. Generally, a man should only accept fresh sandwiches that our prepared in less than two minutes. However, if the MSMD is going to be busy during a man's sandwich time, then it is her responsibility to prepare multiple high quality sandwiches.

In rare cases, the MSMD will leave the man sandwichless. If this occurs, the man has the legal right to dispose of the MSMD in any way that he sees fit.
Tim: So I made an egg salad sandwich for lunch yesterday and-
Kevin: What?! YOU made your own sandwich?
Tim: Yea, my MSMD was out working.
Kevin: What happened to the sandwiches in the fridge?
Tim: I ate them all for breakfast.
Kevin: So you were left entirely sandwichless?
Tim: Yep.
by TCovePwns November 04, 2009
Top Definition
MSMD is Monkey See Monkey Do. What that means is one copies the other. It could be copying how someone dresses or getting the same car or just anything that you can copy from another person.
The kids are so funny copying one another, MSMD.
by KellieM July 09, 2012
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