Mara Salvatrucha 13 is One of the mostly gangs in the world. A salvadorean gang, originating from Souther California that has spread to ver 30 states in the U.S, and all of Central America. The word "Mara" means gang or click in Salvadorean slang. "Salvatrucha" is a person that was born in El Salvador and is proud to repressent their country. Mara+Salvatrucha= Proud born Salvadorean Gang, pretty much. The Ms use the 13 because it is the symbol of the Mexican Mafia and do it out of respect and alliance. MS-13 was formed back in the early 80's when salvadorean refugees fled their country to the US after living a brutual civil war. The salvadorean immigrants had no respect from the Latin gangs from the streets of los Angeles, so they made the MS-13 to help shelter their fellow Salvadoreans. With war combat experience, they used their war skills on the streets making them very deadly.
MEXICAN CHOLO 1: look at this Salvodorean Immigrant, lets make fun of his ass and beat him down.

MEXICAN CHOLO 2: Simon ese, Im down.

SALVADOREAN: Im going to start the MS-13 Motherfuckers
by Salvamexicano April 13, 2009
A latino gang spreading throughout Northern America. colors and origin are unknown. They are very violent, and like the bloods and crips, only want power and respect by proving they have the guts to kill people.
MS-13 jumped several bloods in the alley.
by mineandthatsit November 13, 2007
A small but growing Miami gang that consists of only Mexicans.
Yo dawg I heard MS13 is moving into our neighborhood.
by Birddog123 August 02, 2008

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