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Every small office job you've ever seen. See MRS degree. A MS job tends to involve low ceilings, light accounting, and lots and lots of paperwork. At a MS job, all coworkers fall into three categories:

1) Miss. - just out of school, waiting to meet a husband. Think An Officer and a Gentleman. Or Working Girl.

2) Mrs. - married, possibly an empty nester. Probably rocking a perm and mom pants.

3) Ms. - as in 'not in this lifetime'. She is not The Boss (The Boss is male), but is almost certainly your boss. She always has a perm.
Accounts payable for Amalgamated Medical Supply Services? Don't do it; it's a MS job!

Brah, my gf works at such a MS job; I'm terrified of her coworkers, but they all love me.
by closet misogynist January 19, 2010
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