The term "MRA" stand for "men's rights activists."

It is a backlash group against women's rights and feminism. Other backlash groups include the KKK and "white pride" who wish to reverse the rights of blacks by arguing that white people are oppressed. Similarly, MRAs want to abolish women's rights by lying that men are oppressed. Also, groups like KKK have been known to support violence against blacks, and MRAs are known for their support of violence against women. Both groups argue that blacks and women should stop "whining" and that racism/misogyny are not real.
An MRA will tell you how much "man-hate" there is in modern society while he insists

- that women should make him a sammich and then suck his puny genitals,
- that it is justified that women earn less than men of comparable qualification, age, education, tenure, and occupation,
- that violence against women is no biggie and women "cry" rape anyway,
- that the porn industry is all about "female empowerment," and
- that women are inferior because ... the Bible said so, Shakespeare, Moore, Hemingway, his uneducated daddy, his baseball coach, the media, and 99% of male internet users.
by The Happy Humanist July 04, 2010
Men Rights Activists. Civil society associations concerned with combating accepted discrimination against men in contemporary western society, especially in the areas of military service, family law, popular culture and other areas when double standards are applied. Often targets of hate speech by radical feminists.
Man: I believe that men's rights are just as important as women's in creating a just and equitable society. That's why I'm involved in MRA, men's rights activism.
by The Marky Mark January 27, 2015
IM speak for a cat noise; what to say when you are angry about something.
Flotus: Hey, my computer is slow, could you write that email again?
Hernando: It took me 30 minutes, mra!
by Nonyo Binness September 27, 2007
The Murtagh Restoration Army
A band of angry people, furious that the hottie (and best character) known as Murtagh has barely got a part in the film of Eragon.
Murtagh Eragon Garrett Hedlund
Fan 1 "Dammit, that Hedlund guy was hot, why did he hav about 10 seconds onscreen?"

Fan 2 "Aha, you'd better get yourself down to the MRA, have a look on IMDB in the 'For all who love Murtagh' thread"
by arwen_evenstar December 24, 2006
MRA is an unknown abbreviation that the band, Smile Empty Soul, has as an idea for a record label. They leave it unknown to all fans and is only shared between to members of the band. Sean, the vocalist, has a tattoo of MRA on his upper arm.
Look at Sean's MRA tattoo.
by [Miss] Anna Lee January 19, 2008
random word used in sentences, usually in time of silences
Person 1: blah blah blah (finishes sentence)
person 2: (3 minutes later) mraaa.
by nat123456 November 05, 2010
A superhero that the Hoosiers said goodbye to in a video from September 2007. They believed that he would love them, but sources say he knew too much. He wore a white spandex jumpsuit and was middle-aged. He was sent into outer space on a rocket, and was never heard from again. Rumour has it that he opened up a restaurant on Planet Mars.
"Goodbye Mr A, you promised you would love us, but you knew too much."
by Sammiee January 01, 2008
Moving Right Along. Annoying, only slightly clever, smartass acronym - on equal par with "Anywho" as a means of transitioning from one subject - or from one period of awkward silence to another, unrelated topic. Sometimes they're even combined.
John - wondering aloud where his sister is to his best friend Fred; "The heck is Susan, she should have called me by now?". Fred; "She's probably still in bed, I dropped her off at 4 am this morning". (Awkward silence). Ben; "Anywho/MRA - how about those Washington Redskins!"
by dale-deal August 09, 2012

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