the night elf mohawk
im mr.t and im a night elf mohawk!
by pimp o'doyle July 17, 2009
The most awesome man ever. He pitied da foo and liked to bust foo's haids.
Foo: Hey.
Mr. T: Shut yo jibba-jabba, foo, fo' I bust yo haid!
by Hampikizzel Fo' Shizzel May 29, 2005
A Nubian powerhouse who fought cancer and beat it so bad, he has pitied it ever since. Mr. T is a former boxer, wrestler, bouncer and current actor who's regular arm-wrestling matches with Chuck Norris and Till Lindemann have been responsible for both the recent Japanese Earthquakes near Fukusima and the Somalia drought respectively. Mr. T is one of the most powerful and compassionate men in history, both crushing and pitying his aversaries with equal measure. He is also humble, allowing Sylvester Stallone to put hands on him briefly to facilitate the filming of Rocky III. Do not, however, think of him as soft... Throughout the filming of The A-Team, he flat out refused to tolerate mental illness in Murdoch, considering it a weakness, stating throughout the series that he unequivocately "pitties the foo'". Mr. T is also a true humanitarian who gave nearly all his gold necklaces (Enough to smother an Egyptian Pharoah 3-times over) away after helping with the Hurricane Katrina cleanup effort. In short - A Total Fucking Legend.
In the time you took to read this, Mr. T built a tank out of two milk cartons, three lawn-darts, a tube of lubricant and a beat-up old 80's van. He then drove said tank through the reinforced doors of a burning barn in South America and managed to topple a paramilitary dictator without actually killing anyone. The fuck have YOU done today?
by Poppa Boogaloo September 05, 2011
A guy that loves saying "If i ever catch you acting like a crazy fool again oyur gonna meet my friend PAAAIN!!"
MR.T "If i ever catch you acting like a crazy fool again oyur gonna meet my friend PAAAIN!!"
by Unknown 11242 July 17, 2009
The new substitution for the 'Chuck Norris' Jokes. As with Steven Segal. He has he's own individual potential for jokes, but most people just replace the names of the persona 'facts'.
This does not, however, change the awesome righteousness of Mr. T.
Mr. does pity. And I'm a afraid it's you, 'fool'.
'Speed walking? I pity you fool!'

Mr. T and/or Chuck Norris and/or Steven Segal don't read books, they stare them down until the books give them the information.

The new word of the day is PAIN!!!!!!

During the first season of American Gladiators, 24 contestants died while attempting to run the Eliminator. The Eliminator was a cardboard cutout of Mr. T.
by Jeremy Jonusas October 08, 2008
the only person who can survive being jumped on the head by super mario.

the only person who can look chuck norris in the eyes, without instantly exploding.

the only person who wears 200 pounds of gold chains 24/7.

the reason why the roman empire, the nazi's and sovjet russia no longer exist.

just by reading this, you are pitied by him.

his name is Mr. T.

russian: 'in sovjet russia, fools pity Mr. T!'
Mr T.: *punches russian in the chest* stop saying jibba jabba, fool!
by lalliman February 07, 2011
A short for Mass Rapid Transit. Around the 97-98, the first subway system for Taiwan was built. That's how the subway are called in Taiwan. (though it's not always underground)
on MRT, it's not allowed to have food in there. Unbelievably Ridiculous.
by b4283 July 11, 2004

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