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The A harmless injection given to most infants to protect them from measles mumps and ruebella.

Some (braindead) people believe that this vaccine causes regressive autism in its patients. These people are mainly followers of the holistic medicine movement.

Coincidentally these people are also severely retarded/ the victim of a surprise icepick lobotomy/someone in a coma/madonna/5 times worse than your average paedophile.

So the next time someone espouses their homeopathic, generally incorrect and totally unscientifically founded views on this subject, you would be totally within your rights to paprecut the worlds "Dr wakeman was paid off to make these wild allegations by a firm specializing in beating the fuck out of any medical malpractice for financial gain" onto their chests.
Tanyarrrr: Did you know that the MMR vaccine causes regressive autism? That's why my little Oscar wasn't given it. And now he's absolutely perfect! Apart from that massive lump on his neck, but at least he hasn't got the dreaded autism.

Myself: *Places cup of coffee gently down on table... looks up... advances menacingly... cut to black... piercing scream heard in distance. *
by the_carpenter September 02, 2009
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