acronym for "Most Massive Dump," used by guys in mixed company since most women would be disgusted by the thought of it.
Dave shows up late at party.
Eric: "Dave! Good to see you, what took you so long?"
Dave: (in front of date he brought) "had to take an MMD but it's all good, I'm here now."
by phillydrifter January 01, 2011
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An abbreviation often used for the name of the freeware, "MikuMikuDance"

MikuMikuDance (MMD) is a free Japanese 3D animation program, used to make mostly videos staring (mostly) characters from another Japanese software, Vocaloid. Though characters from other things are used too. Because it is free, many fans make fanmade videos with it or even little skits.
Person 1 has just watched a video on YouTube. It was made by an amatuer, but was very impressive.

Person 1: Woah, what program did you use to make this video? Claymation?

MMD user: No, I used a freeware program called MMD. It's really easy to use, and is 3D!
by PersonWhoKnowsThings February 06, 2011
made my day
a guy walks by, looking hot, oh my god, he mmd!
by sallyishappy December 14, 2009
abbreviation for 'Made my Day'
On twitter:

'The hot man in the shop gave me free crisps aw mmd'
by jooozzzzzzza August 08, 2013
to get severely pwned in the heart
noobass steven was emotionally MM'd in the face
by thenoobgtfo February 01, 2011
Mighty Mighty Ducks!
Go MMD!!!!
by MightyMD June 28, 2003
Short for MiniMurderdoll
OMG, MMD rocks my world!!!1111oneone
by Duck Tales February 10, 2005

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