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My Life is What?

This is a website where there are posts from MLIA (My Life is Average), FML (F* My Life), and TFLN (Texts From Last Night).
From MLIW:

Today, the shy girl in my class decided to bring a cake to share with everyone, since it was her birthday. Excited about the cake, I got everybody to sing "happy birthday" for her, only to realize too late that nobody in the class know her name, myself included. FML

(651): I just saw a dude sitting IN a bush, weeping and playing a harmonica. I hope your day is going better than his. TFLN

Today i went on to see what my mission was. It was " your mission is to GET OFF THIS SITE AND JUST BE THE NINJA YOU ARE!" i love this mission. MLIA
by luya<3~ September 22, 2011
similar to "mlia" a.k.a. my life is average

mliw means "my life is win."
yo man, i got a raise!


ya man, mliw
by wmtheazn January 02, 2011
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