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the acronym for
My. Life. Is. Desi.

used to emphasize uncanny situations which don't happen naturally outside of desi culture and when viewed in retrospective by ABCDs or FOBs, they realize that it's not possible to get away from their desi heritage

A strong sign of MLID-ness is when urdu and english words are used in the same sentence together.
"Today, we ran out of tea bags. All hell broke lose. MLID"

"Today, I took my Mom to this nice Mexican restaurant. As soon as my Mom got his burrito, my Mom starts up. "This is nothing but some roti, tamaatar, kheera, dhaniya and paid $20 for this?! Come home, I'll make it for you for free." My Mom was saying this to some gori 2 tables over,MLID"
by umreekan June 15, 2009
L- Life
I- Is

The act of having a life that has such qualities as to be considered dank in nature. Always refers to ones stoner staus.
I just downed a 20 sack in 4 rips, MLID.
by Ma-sta-chi-fu December 26, 2010
"My Life is Dave". Refers to an obsession with Dave Matthews Band.
It's 3am and I'm listening to Live Trax 7. MLID.
by monkey see monkey do yeah January 31, 2010
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